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Hey, I'm Aiden, your awesome virtual co-founder.

What is this tool all about?

Introducing Aiden, the AI-based startup name creation tool that's here to save the day! Tired of spending hours brainstorming a name for your new business venture? Look no further! Aiden uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms to generate unique and catchy names in seconds.
With his superpowers, Aiden can generate the most creative and unique names in the blink of an eye.
No more staring at a blank page, Aiden's got your back. And don't worry, he won't suggest any puns that are too "on the nose" unless you give him a bad prompt. With Aiden, you'll be naming your startup in no time and impressing all your friends and colleagues with your clever choice of name.

How to approach coming up with a startup name

Read the article on why a name for your startup is not the most important thing to worry about
The best approach is to brainstorm and develop a list of potential names, then narrow it down to a few that you like. Once you have a few final contenders, do some research to make sure the domain is available and whether it will be easy for customers to pronounce and remember.
Coming up with a business name for your startup is one of the most important steps of starting a business. That's what they say. But it's not really true. A lot of people get stuck for days, weeks or even months trying to find that perfect name with a "wow" effect. This approach is a dead end.
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Have you ever found yourself wide-eyed at midnight, racking your brain for that perfect startup name? Well, worry no more because we've got some exciting news for you!

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