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Without any TECHNICAL SKILLS, initial FUNDING and without quitting your job? Learn how to build your AUDIENCE, your PRODUCT and yourself as an ENTREPRENEUR.

Ready to build your first STARTUP ?

2,200+ entrepreneurs joined the F/MS Startup school
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Do you know that there's a 99% chance that you will fail your first startup because you will make bad and costly decisions?

Let's increase your chances of success!

Entrepreneurial potential

First, let's see if you are have an entrepreneurial spirit. Let Elona analyse your strengths and weaknesses and provide advice on what areas you should concentrate on in order to improve your startup mindset.

Check my entrepreneurial potential

Try AI startup tools

Afterwards, take a look at some of the awesome AI startup tools that can guide you through the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. Take your time to understand how to communicate with them, because a bad question equals a bad response.

Use startup tools

Start with the "Startup Playbook" module

Each of the 30+ modules packs an intro video, guide/presentation, and quiz. Some even include handy templates, bonus videos, workshops, and articles. Homework's now a thing too - check out the "AI for Startups" module for a taste. Score feedback and an Elona-signed certificate.

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Check out workshops and join the Startup Game

Take a look at a selection of workshops and educational videos on different startup topics. You can also join the Startup Game for a unique gamified experience of building your first startup.

Check out the workshops
Skill Lab Modules

Meet Our Team

We are experienced and fun entrepreneurs and awesome AI PlayPals who love building a startup simulator for you to succeed in business
Our entrepreneurs love the School
  • Angeliki Vasileiadou
    I was really happy and honored to be a part of the Pilot - it 100% re-assured me that i was on the right track in my career and helped me develop even more my enterpreneurial skills.
  • Christiana Mouski
    That game exceeded my expectations in so many ways. By far the most interesting and fun school i have been to,cause i find that it's a school
  • Alexandra Sciberras
    I loved the Fe/Male Switch experience!
    The platform provided a super effective way of learning new skills, while having the chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurial women. All in the form of a game which made it so much more interesting and effective! Even as an entrepreneur who already founded a start-up, it provided a wonderful opportunity to improve upon my skills and gain more confidence in them, along with learning new skills that are proving to be very useful for my start-up!
    Thank you to the F/MS Team for this opportunity, really looking forward to the official launch!
  • Shekoufeh Izadkhasti
    The idea of Gamepreneurship was unique. Participant has the opportunity to know other participants with different experiences and supporters as big sisters. the atmosphere of game push you to bring your idea to reality, step by step without any cost.
    It really worth trying if you had dream about starting your own business but didn't know how to start.
Startup Playbook
startup tips and tricks for you to succeed

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