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I am Angeliki, a recent graduate from a BBA in Tourism, Leisure and Events, as well as a graduate from the Gamepreunership Program where i was awarded the Best Diamond nomination for being the best self-proclaimed gameprenuer. I have also been an advocate for female leadership and have been working since 16 years old in different companies trying to get as much experience as possible. Except my academic backgrounds of Business Administration, i also withhold a CCU ( Certified Computer User) and a Proficiency in English. Meanwhile i have been a keynote speaker in some conferences, i have attended several seminars and i assisted in the management of teams and projects throughout my academic and employment career. At the same time i am trying to work on my individual goals of having my own enterprise in the future and i am very active on social media with a big circle of connections and with big title proffesionals. Even though i am trying to build the best image for a cv, it is important that i state my ability to "figure things out quickly" and learn fast. I like to take decisions and work out problems, and will be in a leader mode if given the opportunity. I have high emotional intelligence therefore i have always been able to work with teams and better manage them, i am a strong supporter of healthy work environment and satisfied and content work cultures. A discussion with me would settle easily a better image of who i am since i believe in the value of actions more than the value of words.
Angeliki Vasileiadou