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What is this tool all about?

This tool is called Annie and it is the ultimate solution for all of your product description needs. Simply feed it a product idea, and Annie will magically conjure up a stunning description that will make your customers want to buy it immediately. No more struggling to find the right words - Annie has got you covered.
Annie is a product description writer who can churn out clever stuff faster than you can say "who drank my wine again?"
It is more than just a description generator - it's a description magician. It can turn the dullest product into a sparkling gem, and make even the most boring product sound exciting and irresistible. And the best part? Annie is super easy to use, so even a non-technical starting entrepreneur can use it to boost their startup.

How we built an AI tool using GPT 3 and Bubble

Read the article on how we created Annie, how many resources we needed & how the tool works.
After we build any tool, we like to educate others on how we did it by writing articles, adding modules into our free startup school, creating new quests in the startup game for women and eventually turning all the insights into an online course with a step by step tutorial on how to build a similar tool.
Introducing the ultimate solution for effortlessly creating captivating product descriptions - Annie! Now you can easily generate engaging and accurate descriptions in just a few seconds, using cutting-edge natural language processing technology. Annie is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.
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Have you ever spent hours trying to come up with a product description that would leave your customers drooling? We feel your pain!

Give your product descriptions some extra robotic flavor. Let Annie take over – because you deserve a break from all that tedious writing.

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