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Craving a gender bias-free text? Elona Musk to the rescue! Just fill out that form and shoot it over to Elona for review. Sit tight, and Elona will drop a response straight to your inbox, serving up a balanced text for all!


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What is Bias Score?

Being avid entrepreneurs, we are always looking for scalable solutions to problems: to fight gender bias in text, we started the BS (Bias Score) project and by participating in the startup game you can help collect data for a Bias Score algorithm, which will allow anyone to verify how biased their text is.

Participation in the Bias Score project does not require any extra effort from players. Just play as you normally would, but the anonymised written content that you produce is to be used to feed the algorithm (GDPR compliant, meaning that no personal information is saved or used).

The Bias Score Algorithm is a project that helps to give data ownership back to women while fighting gender bias in any text.
Steps you need to take
step 1
Fill out a tiny form
Simply fill out a tiny form and insert the text you want to check. Elona will send you the results via email.
step 2
Get the results via email
As soon as Elona checks your text, she will immediately send you the results to the email address indicated in the form.
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Find out how we are building BS

Read the article on how we are developing the Bias score and what the long terms goals are.
The problem that fuels misinformation and lack of transparency lies in ignoring how different genders experience events, texts, speech, and other forms of data. Most datasets are taken from a male perspective, which results in gender bias being embedded in almost every form of written content. It's not uncommon for someone to talk about inclusivity and diversity and then use a word like "brotherhood", which effectively excludes women.
As a team, we got involved with data analytics and machine learning a while back and are creating a Bias Score (BS) algorithm as one of the most prominent use cases for LLMs (Large Langue Models) and blockchain.

Simply complete the form and zip it over to Elona for a look-see. Stay chill, and Elona will wing a response right into your inbox, dishing out a fabulously crafted message for all!

Check your text for gender bias

Learn more about Bias score
We are a team of experts in IT, IP, law, education, data science, AI, ML, blockchain, psychology, business, linguistics, etc. Our team is gender-balanced, with neurodiversity as something that we openly value as well.