Fe/male Switch

Learn Blockchain
in 4 weeks

Practical blockchain course
without any previous knowledge, technical skills and without quitting your job. You will learn how to understand the technology, its business implications and how to use wallets and create NFTs. Following the right process leads to success quicker.
Blockchain is not going anywhere and is already part of digital literacy
Yet 99% of global population still doesn't understand this tech. Don't miss out on being one of those who are ahead of the crowd...
This course will help
By guiding you through the process of installing and using a wallet, buying your first crypto, creating an NFT, while understanding the technology behind these things.
Get skills by doing
Define your target audience, find where they like to hang out and start talking about your idea, earn some credibility and start “building in public”. Highlight your vision so that people can follow you. And be consistent.

Back it up knowledge
Build a simple landing page, explain your vision and concentrate on benefits for your customers. Make them feel special, talk about them and to them. Set up an email collection funnel and collect pre-payments.
Do you need blockchain?
Learn how to use a suitable zero-code tool to build a mockup of your future product. Concentrate on the main feature that delivers value and start collecting feedback. Iterate and get first users.
Homework with feedback
Being an entrepreneur is like riding an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes you will feel on top of the world, the next minute you will feel like quitting. Be in control of your startup journey by growing your inner entrepreneur.
What to expect
The course is unique: it is a result of a collaboration between Consensys and Fe/male Switch. Gamified, interactive educational extravanagnza is a result of years of domain experience and innovative gamepreneurship approach.
Startup swiss knife
Quickly learning how to do get the startup off the ground is essential for a founder. With us you increase your speed and decrease the amount of mistakes.
Why are some entrepreneurs successful and others not? Research is far from being conclusive, but there's a strong correlation between following the right process from the very beginning and the early stage survival rate of baby startups. Where can you learn about the process? Of course from the people who have already gone through it and made a bunch of mistakes and went through a lot of iterations to make sure that only the things that work remain.
Followers are not community. In order to have an engaged community around us, we involve our gamepreneurs into almost every sphere of our own life. We show behind the scenes of building a startup so that people become aware of what it looks like. We put our supporters into the driver's seat and have them make decisions on whether something will happen or not. By becoming a part of this community, you gain a lot of supporters as well.
Early stage entrepreneurs need to be in the "minimum building, maximum validation" state of mind. In other words: selling before building has to be prioritized. Thriving in constant uncertainty is one of the most important parts of the entrepreneurial mentality that will be useful in any part of your life.
It is very easy to drown in the ocean of software. We take care of the choice paralysis and huge waste of time associated with testing and choosing the right piece of software for all the startup needs. We have you covered: you will use Tilda for building the landing page, Bubble for building a web app, Adalo for building a mobile app, Canva for design, Make for automations, Miro for brainstorming, etc.

If you want to start your Entrepreneurial Journey don't waste time on These things

  • Don't incorporate just yet. That's something that you can do after you validated enough of important assumptions and verified that the idea is viable.
  • Don't worry about a perfect logo. Simply create one yourself with Canva.We will explain.
  • Don’t waste money on business cards or swag, unless it’s part of your exquisite marketing strategy.
  • Don’t waste time looking for investors. They care about traction and the further you go down that road, the better your negotiating position is.
  • don’t leave your job just yet. You will collect enough data even with devoting a few hours each week to your new business.

Learn by doing
By spending 8 hours a week for the duration of 4 weeks you will not only upskill yourself, build the MVP and be ready to validate it, but we will also issue a LIVE CERTIFICATE with all of your achievements that you can stick to your LinkedIn.
Startup course for women
Get an overview of entrepreneurship and startups and start building your audience.

Build a landing page, take care of SEO and establish social media presence.

Learn how to build a mockup, a web app, a mobile app without any coding.

And the last is entrepreneurial skills. Many women lack confidence, but just like a muscle, it can be trained.

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It's time to build something amazing Together!
Let's see if you paid attention
Blockchain 101
Take the quiz by Mean CEO and see if you understood blockchain
Let's do it
Blockchains are:
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It's show time
There’s a deadline coming. You need to work overtime, holidays and weekends to meet it.
Workaholic much? Not a bad thing once in a while.
I like your outside the box thinking. 
We got a smarty pants over here.
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It's show time
They want you on Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank)  but you are terrified of public speaking.
Smells like a unicorn!
Bad news: doing whatever it takes is your job now.
Stop dreaming and get to work. 
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It's show time
Your future customer requests an extra feature.
Grow a pair, learn to say No!
Who needs revenue anyway, right?
Not quite there yet, but optimism is contageous.
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It's show time
Everybody loves your free product but you need to make money.
You would make a great dictator!
Nice! That's gotta teach the late comers.
Yawn! Learning by doing beats MBAs.
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It's show time
You need to build your product asap but you have no tech skills whatsoever.
Happy hunting. See you in a few years.
Not a bad choice, there's hope for you.
You are a natural. Born to succeed?
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It's show time
You need an office, a coffee machine and some pocket money for creating an MVP.
Oh no...realistic much?
Selling yourself for money...I see potential.
Hey, Bob the Builder, where are your clients?
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It's show time
Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and not a work-life balance. Do you think you can enjoy it?
Go back to the 9 to 5, kid. 
You magnificent bastard!
You sound geeky, get a life.
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It's show time
Entrepreneurship is a financial risk and not a safe deal. Will you put some skin in the game?
Here kitty, kitty...
Cheesy, but true.
Quoting memes here?
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It's show time
Entrepreneurship requires you to be the best at all times. Are you an A player?
I hope you know where you are going.
If it doesn't come naturally to you, go home.
If you are a man- I love your confidence. If you are a woman- stop being arrogant!
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It's show time
Are you ready to limit your procrastination?
Easy, tiger! 
Oh no, one of those...
Insta queen in da house!
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It's show time
Are you ready for challenging questions?
I see you came with a lawyer...
Turn yourself into an NFT and mint away.
I'm on to you, Head of "Please buy something from me"
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It's show time
Are you ready to be a teamplayer?
Elon, is that you?
I'm game if you got wine.
Go back to school. They will turn you into an obedient employee there.
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It's show time
Are you ready to fail?
Houston, we have a perfectionist over here. 
VCs are going to love you.
Whatever. I don't care...
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It's show time
Do you have great creative solutions to solve problems?
Grammar nazi much?
Solve the problem of developers not meeting the deadlines.
I prefer traction but kudos for trying. 
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It's show time
Do you have other priorities rather than getting filthy rich?
By putting sock on blockchain? Good luck with that. 
I'm feeling nauseous. You must be a vegan as well. 
What's with the attitude? But I see what you mean.
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It's show time
Are you ready to sell your products by yourself?
I hope unemployment benefits are good in your country.
I'm getting cold already. Your attitude is working.
That's offensive to chickens.
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It's show time
Are you ready to make your angry customers and employees happy again?
Eating the problems away...could work.
Loosen up a bit. It's just a humorous test.
You must be a woman.
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It's show time
Stay away from startups. You are too good for them. 
On the other hand, I might be able to help you. I have seen worse. So take my advice and start with the free pitchdeck course, which even the cheap people love. It will give you the taste of freedom and endless possibilities. If you are not satisfied afterwards, feel free to create a better course and give it out to people for free. 
Do over?
You like some danger, don't ya? But does danger love you back?
Who cares if it's mutual. Just go for it and eventually you will succeed. Or not. I don't really know. One thing is sure, though. The "build a landing page in 1 day" course will do you a lot of good. You deserve your own website, people need to know about you. You got it, you magnificent adrenalin junkie!
Do over?
You are doomed....to succeed! 
I can't believe that you actually got the score this high. I would have never taken you for a true entrepreneur. My bet. I won't offer the free pitchdeck course to you like I do to the losers or the landing page course like I do to the posers. You, my friend, deserve to pay for knowledge (smart people know that time is money), so go to the shop and buy yourself the "build your startup in 4 weeks" course and make me proud!
Do over?