Fe/male Switch

Learn Blockchain
in 8 hourse

Blockchain 4 creatives
without any previous knowledge, technical skills and without quitting your job. You will learn how to understand the technology, its business implications and how to use wallets and create NFTs.
Blockchain is not going anywhere and is already part of digital literacy
Yet 99% of global population still doesn't understand this tech. Don't miss out on being one of those who are ahead of the crowd...
This course will help
By guiding you through the process of installing and using a wallet, buying your first crypto, creating an NFT, while understanding the technology behind these things.
Get skills by doing
Define your target audience, find where they like to hang out and start talking about your idea, earn some credibility and start “building in public”. Highlight your vision so that people can follow you. And be consistent.

Back it up knowledge
Build a simple landing page, explain your vision and concentrate on benefits for your customers. Make them feel special, talk about them and to them. Set up an email collection funnel and collect pre-payments.
Do you need blockchain?
Learn how to use a suitable zero-code tool to build a mockup of your future product. Concentrate on the main feature that delivers value and start collecting feedback. Iterate and get first users.
Homework with feedback
Being an entrepreneur is like riding an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes you will feel on top of the world, the next minute you will feel like quitting. Be in control of your startup journey by growing your inner entrepreneur.
What to expect
The course is unique: it is a result of a collaboration between Consensys and Fe/male Switch. Gamified, interactive educational extravanagnza is a result of years of domain experience and innovative gamepreneurship approach.

If you want to start your Blockchain journey don't waste time on These things

  • Don't start with learning all the intricacies of cryptography and consensus algorithms.
  • Don't start with a lot of theory because you will drown there and lose interest.
  • Don't listen to geeks who tell you that blockchain is complicated and
  • Don’t believe those who say blockchain is not sustainable. Most people don't understand enough about blockchain yet they have a lot of opinions.
  • Don't give up before you actually try. Most things in blockchain are actually easy.

Blockchain course for creatives
Get an overview of the technology and some of the most used websites and tools.

Check out Ethereum and learn how to avoid traffic and save on gas.

Install your Metamask wallet, teach others how to do it and mint your own NFT.
Create your own virtual office and get yourself a glass of digital wine to celebrate.
limited offer for $29
It's time to build something amazing Together!