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Get a Live certificate that evolves with your entrepreneurial journey, showcasing your growth and achievements in real-time - a unique feature of the F/MS startup game!

Live Certificates: Your Entrepreneurial Growth Documented

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What is Live Certificate?

You automatically get one created as soon as you finish your first Skill Lab module in the startup game. It's not just a static document that you receive upon completion, but a verifiable, up-to-date portfolio that highlights your acquired skills, automatically adding new achievements on the go.
Startup School currently does not have Live Certificates. Instead Elona issues a separate Elona certificate each time you finish a module. Study in Startup School for free, collect as many certificates as you can and add them to your Live Certificate as soon as you join the Startup Game.
Live certificate is a dynamic, growing portfolio of micro-credentials showcasing your acquired skills and accomplishments in the startup world.

Why do you need a Live Certificate?

Owning a Live Certificate is like having a personalized report card that showcases your entrepreneurial success. It offers multiple benefits:

Live Certificate demonstrates your commitment to learning and growth, making you a more credible entrepreneur in the eyes of investors, mentors, and peers.

Sharing your certificate on social media, your website, or with potential collaborators can generate interest and open doors to new opportunities.
Job Market Advantage

In an increasingly competitive job market, a Live Certificate can set you apart from other candidates, showcasing your dedication to continuous learning and development.

Personal Growth
Documenting your progress in real-time can boost motivation and instill a sense of accomplishment, encouraging you to continue pushing yourself to new heights.
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What does Live Certificate consist of?
Live Certificate is composed of micro-credentials that you earn as you gain new skills in the Skill Lab and complete Quests in the startup game. These micro-credentials represent various aspects of your entrepreneurial journey, such as:
  • Knowledge and Skills
    Your Live Certificate outlines the specific skills you've acquired, such as business strategy, marketing, product development, and more. Elona Certificates are eligible as well.
  • Game Quests
    The certificate highlights the game quests you've won, showcasing your ability to apply your newfound skills to real-world situations while building your virtual startup in the team.
  • Learnability Rate
    Your Live Certificate also features your learnability rate, which reflects your ability to adapt and acquire new knowledge quickly. This metric is particularly attractive to potential investors and employers.
  • Personal Branding
    Share your certificate with others so they can see all of your achievements in one place, making it easy for you to stand out from the crowd. Pin it to your CV or LinkedIn page and wow people in an instant.

How can you earn a Live Certificate in the Startup School? That's where Elona's Certificates come into play!

To get an Elona's Certificate, follow these simple steps:
Elona's certificate is a unique, verifiable credential earned by completing assignments in the startup school, showcasing your acquired skills and knowledge for each module that you successfully complete.
Join the Startup School and choose "AI for startups" module. (NB. More modules eligible for Elona's certificates coming later this year).
Get started with the Startup school
After completing the module, request an assignment from Elona.
Do Elona's assignment
Complete the assignment and send it back to Elona to get her feedback.
Send the assignment
Elona will review your work and, if successful, award you points that go towards your Certificate. One completed module equals one Elona's certificate.
Wait for Elona's certificate
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What benefits will Elona's
certificates give you?
Each Elona's Certificate can be added to your Live Certificate in the startup game. However, there are other perks! As you start collecting Elona's Certificates, you'll unlock exclusive perks and benefits, such as:
A unique F/MS T-shirt
specially designed for you by our talented illustrator and designer
Free membership in the startup game
get upto 6 months of free startup game and put your knowledge to good use
Access to exclusive events
get invited to awesome events both online and offline

Boost Your Live Certificate

By collecting Elona's Certificates, you'll enhance your Live Certificate in the Startup Game more quickly, showcasing your dedication and progress in the world of entrepreneurship.
And don't worry about fraud – each certificate has a unique code to ensure its authenticity, so you can be confident that your hard-earned Elona's Certificates hold genuine value and recognition.
Level Up Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Boost Your Live Certificate with Elona's Certificates & Earn Genuine Recognition in the startup ecosystem.

No risk, all fun! Come play the startup game with us and see if you've got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur! Don't let fear hold you back from being your own boss.

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