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Digital skills level

Our easy Digital Skills Level Tool takes you on a journey to unveil your hidden talents in the digital realm. Embrace the path to tech-savviness and elevate your entrepreneurial game. Ready to level up?


Digital skills level


Why Digital Skills Level tool?

Why settle for uncertainty when you can map out a clear path to digital domination? Our tool doesn't just list your abilities; it gauges your readiness to thrive in a continuum of digital spaces, from the smallest startup to the biggest tech giant. It's like having a personal digital coach, offering guidance on what to learn next and how to up your digital game.
Our user-friendly Digital Skills Level Tool is designed with entrepreneurs in mind. By providing insights into your competencies, it helps you pinpoint areas for improvement and those ripe for development, ensuring you develop yourself efficiently.
Whether it's launching a web application, mastering code, or devising killer marketing strategies—our tool supports every step you take. It’s tailored feedback steers your learning, essential in chiseling out your role in the startup world. More than just a checklist, it's the wind behind your entrepreneurial wings, pushing you towards digital fluency and beyond.
Meet our Digital Skills Level Tool, an entrepreneur's secret weapon!
How does the tool work?
Our Digital Skills Level diagnostic hones in on 20 crucial questions about your expertise and understanding in the digital realm.
Get started with answering the questions
Start by answering 19 questions with a quick yes or no. The last question allows you to add other skills from the digital domain that you posess.

Elona will analyze your results and give you some advice.
Get your result via email
Get a highly personalized result that allows you to get started and move quicker. You will get awarded your Level together with actionable advice on development strategies.

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Seize the moment! Assess your digital skills level today and unlock a world where creativity meets technology. Make your mark in the digital landscape – it all begins with a single click.