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Unlock Your Startup's Potential with Top Accelerators and EU Funding with F/MS

Does your startup need FUNDING ?

1,500+ entrepreneurs use our AI EU funding tools
Is F/MS right for you?
  • Yes, if you are building a tech startup but you are stuck without customers or funding.
  • Yes, if you can't find the right EU Funding program or don't know how to write an application.
  • Yes, if you are struggling with getting into an incubator/accelerator
You know that there's plenty of startup money out there and you think your startup deserves to be funded
You start manually searching and drown in millions of pages and unfamiliar terms and concepts
Give up
You have wasted days on research and still have no clue how to choose the right program and how to write an application

About Fe/male Switch

FE/MALE SWITCH (F/MS) is the only STARTUP PLATFORM that allows entrepreneurs to build a successful startup from the idea to building an MVP to getting first users and getting into an accelerator and/or getting funded.

Our team strives to use game mechanics to help anyone come up with a feasible startup idea, validate it and start building a startup according to a personalized roadmap. We strongly believe that the skills required for entrepreneurship are invaluable in daily life and must be learned by anyone.

We are implementing a unique and innovative proprietary approach that we call "GAMEPRENEURSHIP" that involves the creation of educational game mechanics and data analytics connected together with blockchain technology and LLMs.

Meet your FUNDING business toolkit:
from idea to application in days

Navigate the complex landscape of startup accelerators and EU funding effortlessly. Our unique AI-driven service not only matches you with the ideal accelerator or grant but also crafts your application to increase your chances of success

Canva for DESIGN

Unleash your artistic flair with this user-friendly design tool. Create compelling logos, beautiful social media posts, and everything in-between with ease. Combine Canva with our AI tools and you are golden.

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Tilda for WEBSITES

Need a landing page but have no technical skills? With Tilda, you can build one yourself in several hours. With its intuitive interface and stunning templates, Tilda makes building a killer landing page as easy as pie.

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Never build something before you validate the need for it. Make is perfect for prototypes: just connect a Tally Form, add some Open AI magic and mix them up in a simple yet powerful prototype that just works.

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Bubble for MVPs

Validated the idea and ready to build an MVP for the people on your waitlist? Bubble's got you covered. With its visual programming interface, Bubble allows you to build a functional MVP without writing a single line of code.

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Testimonials from entrepreneurs
who use our Startup toolkit
  • Alexandra Sciberras
    I loved the Fe/Male Switch experience!

    The platform provided a super effective way of learning new skills, while having the chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurial women. All in the form of a game which made it so much more interesting and effective! Even as an entrepreneur who already founded a start-up, it provided a wonderful opportunity to improve upon my skills and gain more confidence in them, along with learning new skills that are proving to be very useful for my start-up!
  • Marieke
    Loved the challenge that FMS gave me and kept the pressure on.

    Within 4 weeks the FMS pilot made me (want to) deliver a complete project including presentations a landing page, social media, a mentor and investor and so much more from which upon I can build a real life startup! Without FMS I would have been stuck on perfecting and changing and in the end would take me forever and I would have probably gave up. FMS is a great platform that offers not only a lot of possibilities to learn new skills in a fun way but also guides you in what steps to take and so much more. I have met a lot of amazing woman (and a few men;) for which I am extremely thankful. Highly recommend!
  • Shekoufeh Izadkhasti
    The idea of Gamepreneurship was unique. Participant has the opportunity to know other participants with different experiences and supporters as big sisters. the atmosphere of game push you to bring your idea to reality, step by step without any cost.

    It really worth trying if you had dream about starting your own business but didn't know how to start.

Meet Our Team

We are experienced and fun entrepreneurs and awesome AI PlayPals who love building a startup simulator for you to succeed in business
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