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Business Model Canvas: how can we make it less annoying?

business model canvas


There's only one thing that I, as a startup founder, hate more than pitch decks 🤢
It's the Business Model Canvas.
And now, 5 years down the entrepreneurial road, I understand that it's not the canvas itself that I hate, but the fact that I had no freaking clue how to fill it in so that it actually made sense.
The incubators didn't really help and I felt stupid asking more questions. I kinda think many mentors had no clear idea either but you religiously had to fill that canvas time after time.
The lack of data at an idea stage doesn't help either. What am I supposed to fill in if I have nothing more than a theory?
PTSD aside, I'm still not a fan of BMC for startups, but it's widely used, so why not automate the misery?
So I decided to make the canvas easy to fill in so that startups don't have to suffer more than needed.
How it works:
A. Answer just two questions about your startup (the problem and the target audience).
business model canvas
B. Receive an email with:
business model canvas
💪 A filled in canvas as a PDF
🔥 Extended data on each canvas segment and advice on validation
🚀 A link to a Google Sheet for you to copy and edit as you please.
Use the tool as many times as you want, try different modes (let AI take the lead or fill in your own data).
It runs on GPT 4 (the best AI model)
It's FREE (We have enough Open AI credits for research purposes to be able to afford it).

Use it, send us feedback, and we will make it better.

Please share with others, startups need to stay together 💪💪💪

Check the BMC out here