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Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

startup school | confidence

Empower yourself: journey to confident entrepreneurship

Confidence is the most empowering factor that helps you to grow and will get you back on your feet after facing blows.

This module is devoted solely to gaining and maintaining confidence.

The Science and Art of Self Assurance

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Useful resource

Blog article about fear as a motivator

Fear as a driving force
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Our entrepreneurs love the Module
  • Mila
    The woman gave great and helpful advice in the video. Though Venture Capitalists weren't mentioned in the video, but there were questions asked about them in the homework. It would have been more helpful if the video had all the answers from the homework questions
  • Patricia
    I love it! its a great way to learn about best practices, it would be nice to have more examples of female entrepreneurs that have emerged successful in their careers.
  • Mahdieh
    that was amazing, I am enthusiastic to the next courses
  • Winnie