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Elon Musk once said:

"If something is important enough, or you believe something is important enough, even if you are scared, you will keep going."

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Discover the Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Becoming a startup founder usually means giving up on your full time job and devoting all your time and effort to building the company of your dreams. This is a hard path that not everyone can walk. But courage and character can be trained and this module's goal is to make you look inside of yourself to find the inner strength to become a true entrepreneur.

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What makes an entrepreneur?
| Sahar Hashemi | TEDxYouth@Bath

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How to discover your perfect startup investor: Investor playbook module

Explore the Investor Playbook module and learn how to find your perfect startup investor. Uncover key strategies for startup success.
Our entrepreneurs love the Module
  • Winnie
    I enjoyed learning from the startup playbook and liked everything about it. I agree that as an aspiring entrepreneur sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the thought of how much I have to learn and do to create a scalable startup. I learnt that it's ok and I can only learn by doing.

    I was happy to learn that it's fine to create a startup without a co-founder and to only seek one when I can't manage alone. I was a bit disappointed to learn that investors don't like first time founders although I can understand they don't want to take the risks. To combat this problem, I joined the startup game to learn and gain startup experience and hopefully one day an investor shall give my startup idea a chance.

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  • Nitchelle
    I enjoyed the videos presented, especially about Sahar Hashemi. I've learned more about becoming a CEO on here than actually attending my master's degree class.
  • Pere
    It is helpful and easy to understand.
  • Dee
    I think you explain things very clearly. You have provided lots of extra tools to look at as well.
  • Greta
    So far it has given a lot of very useful information and advices.