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About the webinar
This is an intro webinar about building a startup from scratch even if you don't have any technical skills. Knowing what tools to use to solve most of the tasks is vital.

Anybody can become an entrepreneur even without any technical skills, initial funding and without quitting your job. What you need is to learn how to build your audience, your product and yourself as an entrepreneur.

Following the right process leads to success quicker. Jump on board, what do you have to lose?

Who is This Webinar For?

Aspiring entrepreneurs
Decide whether entrepreneurship is for you and design your own life. Failure to start is the worst kind.
Take ownership of both your personal life and your business. Become a happy entrepreneur.
Startup founders
We all have 24 hours a day, but some get more stuff done than others. Work smarter than most people.
Host: Mean CEO
Violetta (aka Mean CEO) is CEO (duh!) and co-founder of CADChain, Fe/male Switch, BlendedBoris and more.

She has an MBA and 4 other Higher Education Degrees, with a background in education and deeptech. She is a blockchain specialist, academic researcher with strong knowledge of cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, bilingual code switching, neuroscience, language acquisition, developmental psychology, game theory and design, etc.

She enjoys promoting Web3 as part of digital literacy in creator economy. She has also created the "gamepreneurship" methodology that is the scientific basis of the startup game for women.

We Will Cover Common bottlenecks:
  • How to follow the right building process
    Why are some entrepreneurs successful and others not? Research is far from being conclusive, but there's a strong correlation between following the right process from the very beginning and the early stage survival rate of baby startups. Where can you learn about the process? Of course from the people who have already gone through it and made a bunch of mistakes.
  • How to build the audience before the product
    You have probably heard that you need to define your target audience but how do you actually do it in a cost and time efficient way? How can you find where they like to hang out? And how do you earn credibility? Well, you can build a landing page and drive traffic to it by setting up an email collection funnel. It's not rocket science if you know what steps need to be taken.
  • How to preserve mental health by automating processes
    Entrepreneurs need to be in the "minimum building, maximum validation" state of mind but it is so easy to drown in the ocean of software. We take care of the choice paralysis and a huge waste of time associated with testing and choosing the right piece of software for all your startup needs. We have you covered: you will know what tool to use for building a landing page, a web or a mobile app, for design, automations and for team brainstorming. We worked hard to get awesome discounts so you can try the tool before committing.
What will you get after the webinar?
An opportunity to sign up for a limited number of free individual sessions (where we come up with a unique roadmap for you) and a lot of useful templates and resources.
Weekly / 19:00 –20:00 CET
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