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Make: No-Code Platform for App Integration & Workflow Automation

Make is a revolutionary visual platform that lets you construct and automate anything, from tasks and workflows to apps and systems. With Make, you can design powerful workflows without relying on developer resources, offering unlimited possibilities for everyone. This is more than your traditional no-code workflow automation; it's an intuitive, boundary-less tool that enables you to create, build and automate without restrictions.

This one-stop platform boost productivity across different areas and teams. For marketing, it can drive high-quality leads and increase inbound sourced revenue. For sales, it quickens the deal closure process through automated lead routing and contract management. Operations can unify systems, share data across all tools to prevent errors and loss of company data. IT can avoid security breaches and minimize disruptions by identifying incidents immediately, while HR can provide a seamless onboarding experience and place skilled candidates faster.

Make also makes workflow automation a breeze. Just drag and drop apps to automate existing workflows or to build new complex processes. Solve problems across all areas and teams swiftly. Start with a template and get inspired by thousands of free workflow automation templates available. Customize them to match your ideal workflows, automate your work, and build something new with Make.

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