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Google for Nonprofits: Boost Startup Reach, Attract Volunteers & Raise Funds Online

Welcome to Google for Nonprofits - the platform that empowers your nonprofit organization to make a bigger impact. Our suite of tools is designed to help you achieve more, reach wider audiences, raise funds more effectively, and collaborate seamlessly.

Efficiency at your fingertips with Google Workspace for Nonprofits

Collaboration made easy. Google Workspace for Nonprofits is designed to help you work smarter. Use Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet to increase productivity, reduce email clutter, and collaborate in real-time. Spend less time managing your IT and more time on your cause.

Boost your visibility with Google Ad Grants

Multiply your online presence with in-kind advertising on Google Search. Google Ad Grants is here to help you attract more donors, raise awareness, and recruit volunteers. Make the most of the largest search engine in the world and let your cause be heard.

Harness the power of video with YouTube Nonprofit Program

Tell your story, globally. With the YouTube Nonprofit Program, you can utilize the universal language of video to inspire support for your cause. And with YouTube Giving features (available in the U.S.), donations are just a click away.

Visualize your impact with Google Earth and Maps

Show, don't tell. Google Earth and Maps allow you to create compelling visualizations of your organization's work. Lead people to community programs and resources with Google Maps Platform. Let your impact be seen and acknowledged.

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