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Google for Startups Cloud Program

Accelerate Your Startup Growth with Google for Startups Cloud Program.

Unleash your startup's potential with the Google for Startups Cloud Program. Gain access to startup gurus, Google Cloud and Firebase costs covered up to a whopping $200,000 USD (and up to $350,000 USD for AI startups) over two years, top-notch technical training, solid business support, and Google-centric bonuses.

Why Google for Startups Cloud Program?

Supercharge your startup's growth with Google Cloud credits, in-depth technical training, startup pros, handpicked resources, and special benefits for AI and Web3.

New: AI and Web3 Startup Perks

AI-centric startups can dive into Google's open AI ecosystem and leverage Google's top-tier infrastructure, AI products, and foundation models. Web3 projects get to focus on innovation over infrastructure while building their decentralized apps, Web3 tools, services, and more.


A massive $350,000 in credits, dedicated AI training, webinars, and experts. Web3: Exclusive events, gated Discord channel, input on Web3 roadmap, grants, and benefits.
Explore what's happening across Google Cloud for startups. View startup events, get started with generative AI training courses, and learn how to leverage generative AI capabilities. Unearth data solutions for startups and take your startup to the next level with the Google for Startups Cloud Program.