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Make: Transforming Entrepreneur Ideas into Reality

Automating your startup with Make!

Make (previously known as Integromat) is an advanced online automation platform and integration tool that enables users to connect various apps and services with each other without needing any coding skills.
The platform uses a visual builder, allowing users to create custom workflows, so they can automate tasks, share data between apps, and make the most out of their favorite tools. With Make, you can save time, increase productivity and streamline your entire workflow—even if you're new to the world of automation! And hey, if you need help in using Make in your startup journey, Elona's got your back! 😉
By using Make, startups can automate repetitive processes, saving time and resources which can be utilized in more strategic and creative tasks, ultimately resulting in improved productivity.
Fe/male Switch users can benefit by learning how to integrate Make into their startups' processes, helping them manage social media content, marketing campaigns, customer support, and other tasks with ease. Additionally, it allows users to connect different apps and software tools, enabling seamless data management and communication among various platforms.
Fe/male Switch users have access to Make Pro Plan with 20.000 operations.
Learn how to use Make with Fe/male Switch! There is a whole module dedicated to it in our Startup School, click here!