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Your ultimate trade secret keeper

Worried that your IP is going to get stolen?
Are investors demanding that you have a solid IP strategy?
Don't have the budget for legal advise?

BORISBlockchain Ownership Registration of Ideas and Secrets

Trade secrets are the secret ingredients to your business's success.

Be it a unique marketing concept, your state of the art algorithm, or that revolutionary deeptech innovation, Boris ensures that they remain secure while shareable.

What makes Boris stand out?

Boris is not your ordinary trade secret keeper. Here are some features that make Boris the ultimate protector of your valuable trade secrets:

Uncompromised security

Boris encrypts your trade secrets locally using sha256, stores them securely, and even records them on the blockchain.

This ensures zero knowledge sharing, meaning that leaks are not possible even if there's a hack.

Multiple authorization layers

Boris makes sure that your trade secrets are only accessed by the authorized people. With multiple layers of authorization and verification, your trade secrets remain confidential.

Trade secret analysis

Boris doesn't merely store your trade secrets; it also analyzes them to ensure they qualify as a trade secret and evaluates them to make sure the right amount for the liability clause in the NDA is set.


Your trade secrets are not downloaded or shared in any file form, ensuring utmost confidentiality.

Yes, you read it right: no copies of your sensitive data all over people's computers.

Perpetual learning

Boris continually adapts and learns using RLHF & RLAIF, ensuring that our trade secret protection tech stays ahead of the curve at all times.


Boris provides proof of existence and ownership by time-stamping each trade secret, offering legal proof of your creation's existence at a particular date.

Access tracking

Boris tracks all access to your trade secrets and stores a history of access of each trade secret, ensuring transparency and accountability at all times.

Why Startups and SMEs Need Boris?

During R&D, patents, trademarks, and copyrights can be a distraction. In many cases, ideas cannot really be well protected. The answer is trade secrets, and Boris takes care of making sure trade secrets are stored and accessed properly.
Boris also allows you to generate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) linked to a specific trade secret, strengthening your position in the event of a dispute.

Boris: your partner in trade secret protection

Whether you have an innovative idea or a groundbreaking design, a unique music piece, or an ingenious code, Boris is here to protect your intellectual property. It's time to step into the future of trade secret protection with Boris. Protect what's rightfully yours, today.