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What is it that you will get?
a visually appealing layout and design that reflects your brand and meets your specific needs and goals
with upto 5 pages and 2 integrations
In terms of structure
You will get a set of pages and navigation elements that allow visitors to easily find and access the information they are looking for.

This includes:
  • a home page
  • an about page
  • a contact page
  • and any other pages that are relevant to your business or purpose
Limited to 5 pages.
In terms of functionality
You will get features and tools that will help you interact with your website and engage with your audience.

This may include:
  • an email form that allows visitors to contact you directly
  • or social media integration that allows you to share content and connect with your followers
How will the process work?
We will have a meeting, then we will send the draft, you will give your feedback and we will edit everything. Then we will teach you to maintain it.
An initial meeting
We will discuss your needs and goals for the website. We will gather all of the necessary information, including your branding and design preferences, content, and any specific functionalities you require.
Layout creation
Using the information gathered in the meeting, we will create a layout for up to five pages. This will include the overall design and structure of the site, as well as any specific elements or features that you have requested.
Draft presentation
Within 24 hours we will present you with a draft of the layout for your review and feedback.
Design and integration
Based on your feedback, we will make any necessary edits to the design and functionality of the website. This may include integrating any additional features or tools.
Throughout the process, we will communicate with you via text chat to discuss your needs, review drafts, and make any necessary changes.

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We are experienced and fun entrepreneurs and awesome AI PlayPals who love building a startup simulator for you to succeed in business

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